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Reducing cognitive dissonance examples

reducing cognitive dissonance examples

Cognitive Dissonance, examples of Cognitive Dissonance:.
This concept has several practical applications in various fields.
Dissonance theory suggests that if individuals act in ways that contradict their beliefs, then they typically will change their beliefs to align with their actions (or vice-a-versa).Another way to deal with this dissonance is to minimize the potential drawbacks.They may even eat right and exercise as a method to reduce the dissonance.The conflict: It is important for the man to take care of the environment.They answer this cognitive dissonance with thoughts like, Well, Ive tried to quit and its just too hard, or Its not as bad as they say and besides, I really enjoy smoking.Things that involve beliefs that are highly valued typically result in stronger dissonance.Adding New Cognitions To Support The Conflicting Behavior.It could be from next week, for all I know!Particularly in the case of deeply held values and beliefs, change can be exceedingly difficult.

Personality and Individual Differences, 45(5 401-405.
Mismatches between your beliefs and your actions can lead to feelings of discomfort, but such feelings can sometimes lead to change and growth.
For instance, something as small as having a wonderful opinion about a particular sweet first and then liking another one better might not cause a lot of cognitive dissonance, as you may change your belief about the one sweet being better than the rest quite.
The greater the strength of the dissonance, the more pressure there is to relieve the feelings of discomfort.
In his book, a Theory of Cognitive Dissonance, Festinger explained, "Cognitive dissonance can be seen as an antecedent condition which leads to activity oriented toward dissonance reduction just as hunger leads toward activity oriented toward hunger reduction.A part of that self awareness that may help in dealing with cognitive dissonance is to examine the commitments and decisions we make in our lives.In some instances, chaussures trail promo you might simply find a way to rationalize away the conflict, but in some cases you might change either your beliefs or your behavior to make the two consistent.How exactly does cognitive dissonance work and how does it influence how we think and behave?In these kinds of interventions, the model most often used is to try and get people to understand their current attitudes and behaviors, the costs involved in holding these particular attitudes or engaging in the negative behaviors, role playing, exercises and homework design to help.He code promo cinéma pathé grand ciel is driving a car that is not environmentally-friendly.Most people believe that make good choices when buying things.

Example, an intelligent, highly ambitious woman values men who are similar to her, and despises those who lack determination and ambitions.
All of this helps them reduce the discomfort of their conflicting beliefs.