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Promo c et a

promo c et a

Other reasonable costs, including costs of legal representation and assistance, shall be borne by the unsuccessful disputing party, unless the Tribunal determines that such apportionment is unreasonable in the circumstances of the claim.
Each Party shall accord to an investor of the other Party and to a covered investment, treatment no less favourable than the treatment it accords, in like situations to its own investors and to their investments with respect to the establishment, acquisition, expansion, conduct, operation.
On application of a disputing party, a consolidating division of the Tribunal established under this Article, pending its decision under paragraph 8, may order that the proceedings of the division of the Tribunal appointed under Article.27.7 be stayed unless the latter Tribunal has already.
The Tribunal shall order that the costs of the proceedings be borne by the unsuccessful disputing party.
Paragraph 1 shall not exclude the possibility of dispute settlement under Chapter Twenty-Nine (Dispute Settlement) in respect of a measure of general application even if that measure is alleged to have breached this Agreement as regards a specific investment in respect of which a claim.In the event that the investor has not submitted a claim pursuant to Article.23 within 18 months of submitting the request for consultations, the investor is deemed to have withdrawn its request for consultations and, concours externe d'attaché territorial de conservation du patrimoine if applicable, its notice requesting a determination of the.The respondent shall, within 30 days after receipt or promptly after any dispute concerning confidential or protected information has been resolved, deliver to the non-disputing Party: (a) a request for consultations, a notice requesting a determination of the respondent, a notice of determination of the.The rules applicable under paragraph 2 are those that are in effect on the date that the claim or claims are submitted to the Tribunal under this Section, subject to the specific rules set out in this Section and supplemented by rules adopted pursuant.Subparagraph 1(f) does not apply if the requirement is imposed or the commitment or undertaking is enforced by a court, administrative tribunal or competition authority to remedy a violation of competition laws.With respect to the establishment or acquisition of a covered investment, Sections B and C do not apply to a measure relating to: (a) air services, or related services in support of air services and other services supplied by means of air transport, other than.For greater certainty, claims to money does not include: (a) claims to money that arise solely from commercial contracts for the sale of goods or services by a natural person or enterprise in the territory of a Party to a natural person or enterprise.Une fois que vous aurez identifié le coupon qui vous permettra de faire la plus grande économie, cliquez simplement dessus pour en voir le contenu.The provisions of: (a) subparagraphs 1(a (b) and (c and 2(a) and (b do not apply to qualification requirements for a good or service with respect to participation in export promotion and foreign aid programs; (b) this Article does not apply to procurement.3 Paragraph 1 does not apply to treatment accorded by a Party providing for recognition, including through an arrangement or agreement with a third country that recognises the accreditation of testing and analysis services and service suppliers, the accreditation of repair and maintenance services and.Claims under Section C with respect to the establishment or acquisition of a covered investment are excluded from the scope of Section.

Cest lunivers entier de la mode qui soffre à vous sur cette boutique en ligne.
The Party shall protect confidential or protected information from any disclosure that would prejudice the competitive position of the investor or the covered investment.
They shall comply with the International Bar Association Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration or any supplemental rules adopted pursuant to Article.44.2.
The Committee on Services and Investment shall periodically review the functioning of the Appellate Tribunal and may make recommendations to the ceta Joint Committee.Vous y trouverez par exemple des robes en velours, des robes de soirée, des tenues pour grandes tailles ou même des sous-vêtements sensuels à des prix réduits.Each Party shall permit all transfers relating to a covered investment to be made without restriction or delay in a freely convertible currency and at the market rate of exchange applicable on the date of transfer.At the request of an investor, a consolidating division of the Tribunal may take such measures as it sees fit in order to preserve the confidential or protected information of that investor in relation to other investors.Guettez donc ces bons plans afin de renouveler entièrement votre garde-robe sans trop dépenser.The request for consultations shall contain evidence establishing that the investor is an investor of the other Party and that it owns or controls the investment including, if applicable, that it owns or controls the locally established enterprise on whose behalf the request is submitted.