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Concours cv video

concours cv video

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The moments may then be used then to calculate the gravity center of the shape, its area, main axises and various shape characeteristics including 7 Hu invariants.
En parrainant mes amis, je peux gagner une.
To max/min HSV ranges / For detecting blue gloves in "G - HSV mode IplImage* imgThresh cvCreateImage( cvGetSize( img 8, 1 cvInRangeS( imgHSV, cvScalar( 104, 178, 70 cvScalar( 130, 240, 124 imgThresh cvReleaseImage( imgHSV return imgThresh; int main cvCapture* capture cvCaptureFromFile( "G" IplImage* frame cvQueryFrame(.Please refer to this for detail on how to convert the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) format into Hue, Saturation, Value (HSV) format, and threshold the HSV into the black and white format needed for finding contours in OpenCV: this example achieves the same but without.Full code listing as follows: #include "cv.This is a very similar post to that posted previously, which used a OpenCV and cvBlobsLib to identify contours in video footage and display them on the screen.IplImage* GetThresholdedImageHSV( IplImage* img ) / Create an HSV format image from image passed IplImage* imgHSV cvCreateImage( cvGetSize( img 8, 3 cvCvtColor( img, imgHSV, CV_BGR2HSV / Create binary thresholded image acc.Parameters: * arr Image (1-channel or 3-channel with COI set) or polygon (CvSeq of points or a vector of points) * moments Pointer to returned moments state structure * binary (For images only) If the flag is non-zero, all of the zero pixel values are.

Calculates all of the moments up to the third order of a polygon or rasterized shape.
CvReleaseCapture( capture return 0; The video footage used in this example can be obtained from the following download link: m/pics/MOV.7z, in this example I draw and display the contours on the same source image, ie not as two separate images side-by-side, though this could easily.
Complain and quit if(!capture ) std:cout "Could not initialize capturing.
Réclame ton droit de vote, ou via Facebook, en validant ton inscription, tu acceptes le règlement.Centrale Marseille - BDA.H" #include iostream #include vector / Get thresholded image in HSV format.The function cvMoments calculates spatial and central moments up to the third order and writes them to moments.contours; cv:Mat contourOutput one cv:findContours( contourOutput, contours, CV_retr_list, CV_chain_approx_none /Draw the contours cv:Mat contourImage one for (size_t idx 0; idx ze idx) cv:drawContours(contourImage, contours, idx, cv:Scalar(255, 0, 0 cv:imshow video contourImage cvWaitKey(40 / We're through with using camera.LES VIDÉOS DES participants, copyright 2018 Wizbii, cGU.N return -1; while (true) frame cvQueryFrame(capture if(!frame ) break; IplImage* imgThresh GetThresholdedImageHSV( frame cv:Mat imageThreshMat cv:Mat(imgThresh, false cv:Mat frameMat cv:Mat(frame, false / Find the contours.Merci d'avoir voté, n'oublie pas d' inviter tes amis pour augmenter tes chances de gagner une tablette tactile!The result of running this code is demonstrated by the following screenshots, which show the contours (my little boys blue gloves) superimposed on top of the original video frames.Click on the images to get a better view of the contours: Have fun!

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